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New Wood Look+ windows combine traditional styling with the advantages of PVC windows.

Many of us strive to live in harmony with nature, but sometimes this dream can be costly.

Our technicians have found another solution for this “natural elegance” with an innovative combination of frame and leaf typical for wooden windows. The rich selection of woodgrain films means that your PVC windows look like wooden ones.

Wood Look+ windows are an improved version of our Wood Look windows, a time-tested solution for single-family homes. Live in harmony with nature, without giving up the benefits of modern technology.


Wood Look+ windows are designed with German 6-chamber, 82 mm SALAMANDER profiles and look like timber windows.


Windows equipped with middle gasket (MD), triple glazing SUPERthermo 0.5 W/m2K and colour CHROMATECH ultra distance frames have parameters similar to pasive windows.


Enriched version of unique technology of welding frame and sash corners at an angle of 90 degree and advanced wood structure veneer covering technique allows to achieve classic elegance which is peculiar for timber windows.

The most important parameters of Wood Look+ windows.


Thermal transmittance for reference window
Uw=0.79 W/m2K with warm MS edge spacer
Uw=0.73 W/m2K with CHROMATECH edge spacer
Uw=0.71 W/m2K with MULTITECH edge spacer


SUPERthermo 0.5 W/m2K glazing with new brighter thermal coat
Light transmission Lt=74%


Permeability of solar energy G=53%.


Resistance to wind loading C3/B3
Withstands 1200 Pa pressure caused by 158 km/h wind with resistance 122 kg/m2


Water resistance 1050 Pa
It repels water during heavy rain wind speed 150 km/h and resistance 107 kg/m2


Sound insulation coefficient Rw=35 dB