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Roller shutters provide climate control and help to protect your home's privacy and peace.

Radio operated MS roller shutters are a step towards an intelligent house of the future. A house, whose features adapt to its inhabitants. We have combined advantages of roller shutters with comfort and simplicity of time-programmable remote control.

 Automatic protection against excessive sun exposure, noise or cold are just a few capabilities of the modern wireless shutter controls.


You are able to freely program rising or lowering the shutters for each room in the house. Remote control functions as an intelligent system of managing shutter operation.


Top-mounted MS shutter consist of a casing fitted directly on top of the window frame and jamb-mounted shutter guides with brush seals that ensure quiet operation.

 Shutter slats are made in aluminium insulated with PU foam.

Available slat colours:


Available bottom bead colours:


Revision hatch (openable for service) is located at the bottom of the box, so it is possible to use the shutters in various architectural contexts, both in new build and renovation projects. Ease of operation is provided by wireless control and electric motors chosen to match the size of the shutter.

MS Roller shutters are operated in standard by a 14mm pull strap winder fixed to window frame. It is also possible to specify an embedded winder that is concealed in the wall, or a 5mm cord operated winder. If the shutter is big and heavy, operation is aided by a winch.

For increased security it is possible to use automatic bolts in bottom rails to prevent the possibility of lifting shutter slats from the outside

 However the best and most recommended solutions involve the use of electric motors and radio control. By choosing an overload protection motor and security hangers you gain additional anti-burglary protection and warranty extension to 5 years (in standard 2 years).

 Overload protection motor stops the curtain from breaking if it freezes to the sill. The motor adjusts itself automatically.

 Security block hangers help to compress shutter curtain to the sill and prevent lifting the curtain by pulling it upwards.

Recommendations and Frequently Asked Questions:

- for new build projects: make window openings 20cm higher, change the design or modify lintels if technically possible

- don't forget about wall mounted switches... because what happens if the remote gets lost in the house? Our motors are suitable for use with both remote control and wall mounted switches

- what if it is not possible to use a top-mounted shutter?... it is usually still possible to use a front-mounted shutter

- how to extend warranty for roller shutters?... specify the shutters with overload protection motors and security hangers

- how to improve anti-burglary protection?... specify the shutters with electric motors and security hangers or automatic bolts

- is it possible to fit insulation (e.g. polystyrene foam) over shutter box?... yes, specify the shutters with render carriers.

- is it possible to embed shutter box in the wall from inside of the building?... yes, but you need to leave room at the bottom for revision hatch

- is it possible to get shutters with insect protection?... yes, it is possible to use standard MS window-fitted aluminium insect screens or roll up screens integrated with the shutter box.

- what if there is a power blackout and shutters are lowered?... you have to wait until power is restored or specify shutters with special manual override NHK motors that have a built-in hand-operated winch.

Mosquito screens

MS’s offer includes mounting mosquito screens. These are nets that protect you from insects. They are made of completely transparent fibre glass and are fitted in aluminium frames. It is possible to install both a mosquito screen and roller shutters on one window and then easily dismount the screen for cleaning or for winter.


The producer reserves the right to introduce technical amendments to the products without prior notification.