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Garden enters your home, your home reaches out to your garden!

What can you do to enlarge your living room?... How can you open up your home to the garden?... How can you incorporate the garden into your home?...

Replacing the whole wall with the HST Patio door is the best solution.

Heavyweight lift and slide Patio HST doors are the most technologically advanced solution in the sarnaWindows.eu series, which make it possible to build heat-retaining large-scale movable glazing for terraces, with a low threshold of only 15 mm.

The basis for the construction of the Patio HST is a special Class A German SALAMANDER PVC profile system, a warm EcoPass low threshold, and precision German SIEGENIA hardware which makes it possible to safely and easily slide doors weighing as much as 300 kg!

Product features:


  • SIEGENIA devices: allowing to comfortable opening, closing and sliding heavy sashes by support systems.
  • low and warm EcoPass threshold only 15mm (which meets standards of solutions dedicated for persons with disabilities in accordance with DIN 18040)
  • accessories for EcoPass threshold such as drip trays and leveling profiles.
  • PVC profiles with steel reinforcement system which guarantee rigidity and tightness of construction.
  • advanced sealing protecting from rain, wind and noise.
  • special handles simplifying operation


  • closed, lowered on the threshold and locked sash due to it's weight and bolts system pertains the barrier for burglar, wind and rain. HST's sash even in “micro ventilation” position is locked and lowered on the threshold.


  • Ud rate of 0,8 W/m2K throughout the use of thermal solutions of sarnaWindows.eu such as SUPERthermo glass with the warmest MULTITECH spacers, warm low alum threshold, insulated reinforcement in the frame and special XPS insulating insertion.


  • impressive sizes unavailable for other PVC solutions, wide range of 30 wood-structure colour veneers or looking like aluminium.

SOLUTIONS of sarnaWindows.eu

  • special foundations system enabling easy mounting, unique technology of screwing frames which allows comfortable transportation of large construction in parts and easy assembly at the building site,


  • double-side handles with cylinders, exceptionally good remote controlled motility system that can be installed in already mounted HST doors,


  • Schema A
  • Schema C
  • Schema G3
  • Schema K


Maximum sizes of HST Patio doors depends on many factors – primarily on the colour (using colour veneers requires curbing of maximum dimensions) and the weight of glazing (it's weight can not be heavier than 300 kg which may happen by applying anti-theft glazing) as well as on the elevation above the sea level or position of building for fitness to wind suction. Basic HST Patio door in scheme A can have maximum dimensions 6 m x 2,5 m (width x hight).

For larger and more complex constructions we recommend HST Patio doors in new insulated alum system

Standard equipment in HST Patio doors:

  • low (15mm), insulating EcoPass threshold with 20mm drip tray.
  • warm insulation in frame
  • 4-point espagnolette with spring support system and micro ventilation
  • single chamber glazing pane 1,0 W/m2K with (4-16Argon-4 Thermo) structure or in larger constructions (6-16Argon-6 Thermo) with warm steel MS spacers
  • HST handle in white or brown, we also recommend the new HST stainless steel handle

  • bumper mounted on frame and lack of external grip to allow concealing active sash behind passive for increasing passage dimension
  • equipment colours:

                            * in white HST – white handle (RAL9003) or stainless steel handle; guide profiles; central strips – silver anode ALU EV1 (where RC2) or PVC RAL7035; threshold – gray RAL7035; gaskets – black

                             *in colour HST – brown or stainless steel handle; guide profiles; central strips – silver anode ALU EV1 (where RC2) or PVC RAL7035; threshold – gray RAL7035; gaskets – black

Optional equipment in HST Patio doors:

  • double chamber SUPERthermo 0,5 W/m2K glazing,
  • CHROMATECH ultra warm edge spacers or wamest MULTITECH spacers,
  • XPS insulating insertion for profiles which allows obtaining thermal parameters like in passive windows,
  • single and double-side handles with key cylinders,
  • external grips in the same colours like handlesexternal grips in the same colours like handles
  • leveling of threshold and additional drip trays
  • mounting rail (own solution of sarnaWindows.eu) which simplifies installation of HST and guarantee it's proper functioning for many years,
  •  insulating ProfilTec foundation
  • adjustable trolleys allowing correction of potential mistakes during assembly

The most advanced optional feature of HST Patio is the remote control operated, motorized opening system.

MHS400 – Heavy duty movement. Heavy weight – easy operation!

You don't feel like getting off your couch to go to the garden? No problem – the garden can come to you. It only takes pressing the button to open the door... As one of a kind motorised system for one and double panel HST doors – MHS400 makes it possible to operate panels up to 400kg. Additional features include time-controlled microventilation or programmable opening width. Modern design and small size make it easy to fit the mechanism to any interior. Installation is easy and possible to perform even in a door that has already been mounted. The quality of MHS400 is confirmed by the German TÜV institute.

Intelligent solution :

  • suitable for all frame materials: uPVC, timber and aluminium
  • "clean" installation – no cutting or plastering
  • opens, closes and locks itself automatically
  • electronic sensors stop door movement upon detecting an obstacle
  • infra-red remote control
  • Plug&Play installation: unpack, attach and ready to go
  • no electrical works, just plug-in the door
  • easy maintenance