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MSline+ windows

The MSline+ windows are based on the latest innovative PVC system by German SALAMANDER bluEvolution 82 brand.

New 6-cell profiles with a width of 82 mm ensure much better thermal parameters in the new windows than in systems with a width of 70 mm.


Each MSline+ window with three-pane cartridge with the heat transfer coefficient Ug=0.5 W/m²K meets the requirements of the new Polish Construction Law on maximum heat transfer coefficient for each window – Uwmax ≤ 1.1 W/m²K

The parameters of MSline+ windows with SUPERtermo 0.5 W/m²K are close to thermal parameters of passive windows.

New MSline+ windows in MD version with third central seal in the frame and pillar are even warmer, more tight and quiet.

New brighter panes in MSline+ windows allow more light and solar energy to pass through.
The latest low-emission coatings allow for achieving better solar energy passing parameters g to the value of 64% for one-cell pane (two panes) - market standard is 62% and 53% for two-cell pane (three panes) - market standard is only 49%!


Standard MSline+ windows are equipped with two seals (AD version).

However, unlike our TYTANOWEtermo, MSline and Wood Look windows made of 73 mm profiles, new MSline+ gives you the choice of frame and pillar with the third, center seal (MD version), which improves acoustics, thermal properties and tightness.


Additionally MSline+ windows with center MD seal are equipped with special closed steel reinforcement with 2 mm thickness, laser welded.

Multiple leaf MSline+ windows may be made in the version with fixed


or mobile pillar


The most important parameters of MSline+ windows in MD version


Thermal transmittance for reference window
Uw=0.79 W/m2K with warm MS edge spacer
Uw=0.73 W/m2K with CHROMATECH edge spacer
Uw=0.71 W/m2K with MULTITECH edge spacer


SUPERthermo 0.5 W/m2K glazing with new brighter thermal coat
Light transmission Lt=74%


Permeability of solar energy G=53%.


Resistance to wind loading C3/B3
Withstands 1200 Pa pressure caused by 158 km/h wind with resistance 122 kg/m2


Water resistance 1050 Pa
It repels water during heavy rain wind speed 150 km/h and resistance 107 kg/m2


Sound insulation coefficient Rw=35 dB


New MSline+ windows can be freely connected with each other using a system of adapters and extensions that allow for complex window constructions.


The MSline + windows also mean great arrangement opportunities to choose from more than 40 veneers.

Our MSline+ windows feature the highest energy efficiency class as confirmed by energy labels issued by the German Institute of Window Technology lft Rosenheim.