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MS evolution [82] windows

The latest MS evolution windows [82] protect your home from heat loss, simultaneously increasing available light, thanks to their innovative panes.


MS evolution [82] windows are definitely 100% PREMIUM, designed for those who value warmth, quiet, and real savings in terms of energy usage. These advantages come with no loss in terms of security, which is just as important for us as thermics or design.


The rounded lines of the massive PVC Class A profiles meet the highest quality standards.


New MS Evolution [82] windows are designed with German multichamber, 82mm A-class SALAMANDER profiles with rounded shape and three gaskets in frame.


Triple SUPERtermo 0,5 W/m2 glazing is produced with latest generation glass with brighter thermal coat which lets more light and sun heat pass inside in winter.

Warm colour CHROMATECH ultra distance frames allows decreasing heat transfer factor for whole window under 0.8 W/ m2K which has beer reserved for passive windows.


The most important parameters of MS evolution [82] windows.


Thermal transmittance for reference window
Uw=0.79 W/m2K with warm MS edge spacer
Uw=0.73 W/m2K with CHROMATECH edge spacer
Uw=0.71 W/m2K with MULTITECH edge spacer


SUPERthermo 0.5 W/m2K glazing with new brighter thermal coat
Light transmission Lt=74%


Permeability of solar energy G=53%.


Resistance to wind loading C3/B3
Withstands 1200 Pa pressure caused by 158 km/h wind with resistance 122 kg/m2


Water resistance 1050 Pa
It repels water during heavy rain wind speed 150 km/h and resistance 107 kg/m2


Sound insulation coefficient Rw=35 dB