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Modern detached houses and utility buildings are characterised by window openings of significant widths. Responding to those trends we have included PVC lift-and-slide doors, enabling to apply glazing on up to 6m wide walls, in our offer. Two variants of the doors are available:

  • variant A – double leaf doors with one moveable leaf,
  • variant C – four leaf doors, in which both inner leaves are moveable.

HS-Portal 300 KF hardware from Siegenia Aubi is applied in the doors. Thus, each user may easily and comfortably open and slide a door leaf weighing even as much as 300kg. The designers did not forget about the solutions limiting the heat losses, either: thermally insulated low aluminium threshold in the standard make, and energy-efficient pane SUPERthermo U=0.5 W/m²K available at the Client's request.

Heat transmission coefficient Uw [W/m²K] for the double leaf doors MS iD Design (variant A), with SUPERthermo U=0.5 W/m²K glazing:



Heat transmission coefficient Uw [W/m²K] for the four leaf doors MS iD Design (variant C), with SUPERthermo U=0.5 W/m²K glazing:


The new lift-and-slide doors MS iD Design, in the standard make, are equipped with a countersunk handle (from outside) and a half cylinder and a handle enabling to control micro ventilation (from inside). Also, double handles and cylinders are optionally available. An optional automatic control system may be applied in the doors at the Client's request.

The lift-and-slide doors MS iD Design are available in a rich range of colours of wood-like veneers and a rich spectrum of colours.

The producer reserves the right to introduce technical amendments to the products without prior notification.