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Thermo ALU PLUS WINDOWS and doors are based on the TM62 3-chamber aluminium profiles.

thermo ALU PLUS WINDOWS and doors are recommended for buildings in which there is a need for a solid construction and good protection against heat loss.

Advantages of the system:

  • good protection against heat transmission and steam condensing on the window frame and casement
  • frame thermal conductivity coefficient in the range of U = 2.0 – 2.8 W/m 2K
  • option of delivering the windows in many variants: fixed, turn, tilt and turn and balcony doors

Standard accessories:

  • TM62 3-chamber profile, frame width of 62 mm, casement width of 72 mm
  • RAL 9016 white or RAL 8019 brown
  • simple, classic glazing beads
  • filling thickness of 19 ÷ 50 mm
  • types of filling: panes, PVC aluminium or polycarbonate panels
  • thermal spacer diving the cold side (outer) from the warm side (inner) of the profile. These 24-mm-wide thermal insulators are made of polyamide and reinforced with glass fiber
  • aluminium handle, its colour matching the colour of the assembly
  • glazing gaskets – for correct fixing and sealing of the pane we use a glazing gasket (on the outer side) and an assembly gasket (from the side of the glazing bead)
  • gaskets - as a standard set we use two black gaskets – an inner (soundproof) one and an outer (central) one. For windows fixed at the height of over 20 m, it is recommended to apply a third external gasket. It improves sound insulation and watertightness.


Options for construction:

  • joining with other systems - It is possible to join these products with assemblies manufactured according to the PI50 system, when special profile adapters are used
  • colours – our assemblies can be delivered in a any colour of the RAL colour palette; they can be also delivered as two-colour constructions with different colour on both sides
  • glazing beads - it is possible to use a decorative and a burglarproof moulding
  • decorative line – a construction solution, in which the casement outer profile is rounded and, along with the rounded inner glazing bead, produces a “soft” decorative line
  • hidden casement – a solution that allows us to construct windows in which the casement outer frame profile is not visible from outside. As a result, we can fix a series of fixed and opening windows impossible to distinguish on the building facade
  • patio window – special hardware makes it possible to produce a window that will be a tilt and sliding window divided into one fixed glazing casement and one or two casements with a fixed or moving mullion. Such a construction matches the typical tilt and turn windows in terms of thermal conductivity. There is also an option of using burglarproof hardware, or putting handles on both sides
  • burglarproof windows – burglarproofing class 2 and 3 constructions. For the manufacture of these products we apply materials and hardware strictly determined by system catalogues:
  • stiffened glazing beads
  • handle with a lock and a key
  • burglarproof bolts and catches (locking every 30 cm)
  • P4 burglarproof pane (for class 2) and P5 burglarproof pane (for class 3)

The producer reserves the right to introduce technical amendments to the products without prior notification.