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Many times you must have seen labels with energy ratings attached to various home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators or light bulbs. Energy labels are a simple way to present how energy efficient the product is.

The German Window Technology Institute in Rosenheim has developed tools to determine energy efficiency parameters of a reference window (single sash 1230 x 1480mm) and attribute it with an appropriate energy rating. MS beyond is one of the first companies to adapt this system.

The basis for evaluation of energy efficiency has been developed by the International Committee ISO TC1632 SC2 "heat calculation", ISO 18292: 2010-12 "Energy performance of fenestration systems for residential buildings - Calculation procedure."

Due to the fact that buildings are often fitted not only with heating, but also air conditioning which also requires energy, the evaluation consists of two separate classes, one for heating (winter) and one for A/C (summer).

Comments regarding chosen parts of the energy label:

1. Label number as registered in ift Rosenheim - allows to verify the authenticity of the label on-line at www.ift-service.de/energy (also accessible via QR code at the bottom of the label)

2. Shortened name of the window system (in German), MS beyond window model, Ug of the glazing unit (in this example - 1.0) and type of reinforcement (in this example - steel). On the website there are also labels annotated as WK (Warme Kante - warm edge spacer)

7. Insolation (sun exposure) in winter, 100% assumed for an "old" type double glazed window with non-coated glass.

10. Insolation (sun exposure) in summer. Summer insolation (as opposed to winter insolation) assumes solar shading e.g. roller shutter, Venetian blinds, awning etc. In this case, calculation assumes external Venetian blinds.

11. Air infiltration class (1 - the least airtight, 4 - the most airtight).

12. Heat transfer coefficient for the whole window, calculated for the reference window.

13. Solar factor g (sometimes given in %) for the specified glazing type

14. Solar factor gt for a window with solar shading (e.g. lowered blind). Fc factor describes the amount of shading provided (in the example 0.25 for external blinds), where for window with no shading Fc=1. gt=g*Fc.

Energy labels for different types of windows manufactured by sarnaWindows.eu can be found on product pages for MS evolution, TITAN thermo, Wood Look, MSline and N.ergo. All sarnaWindows.EU fitted with the SUPERthermo glazing have the highest energy rating - A.