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SarnaWindsows.eu is one of the leaders in Polish windows industry. Dynamically growing company which produce windows since 1993 had established MS Group comprising at present three specialized companies: M&S Pomeranian Window Factory,M&S Windows and Doors and Project +2000. All these companies has 100% Polish capital and employ almost 500 workers.

M&S windows is one of the most recognizable brands on the market.

MS więcej niż OKNA Sp. z o.o.

The company employs 200 workers and produce most of all PVC windows which constitutes a major proportion of the total turnover of MS Group.

In SarnaWindows.eu are produced with latest PVC technologies: from multi-chamber 73mm profiles to the most advanced 82mm and 92mm as well as roller shutters in all possible variants. The main emphasis is placed on thermal insulation, statics, sound insulation and design of offered products.

Very important element in production structures of MS Group is the own production of glazing panes based on the latest thermal technology which is implemented on automated production lines. Owing to this the standard solution in windows manufactured by MS is super energy efficient, double-chamber SUPERtermo glazing pane with Ug factor equal 0.5 W/m2K.

M&S consists of modern lines which allows covering PVC profiles with decorative foils. Currently some fourty different of wood grain, one colour with wood structure and special e.g. brushed aluminium foils are applied.

20-years experience of M&S in producing PVC windows enables to provide customers the most advanced HST or PSK Patio window constructions and owing to the windscreen bonding also large-size windows. The production of terrace door on warm low aluminium threshold and entrance door of various design and fillings are done in the factory too.

Currently 70% of PVC windows produced by M&S is sold on the Polish market. The other 30% is exported to Germany, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Canada. In the last years growth of export turnover to European Union countries has become the priority of Company’s activity. For this purpose there have been developed products dedicated solely for external markets and logistics methods for its distribution. As a result of this the company has significant potential for qualified service to international customers.

Complementation of the PVC products are aluminium products. Aluminium joinery is produced in the distinct manufacturing facility which is specialized primarily on production of aluminium door including fire resistant in EI60 and EI90 class. The Group executes also specialist projects like water parks.

M&S Pomorska Fabryka Okien Sp. z o.o. employes strong engineer staff and is able to develop special window solution for potential new customers in short time.

M&S Okna i Drzwi Sp. z o.o.

(M&S Windows and Doors Sp. z o.o.)

Company employes more than 180 workers and produces wooden windows and doors. Almost 80% of turnover of the Company is export primarily to UK, France, USA and also Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia.

The Company offers practically all possible window solutions which are offered worldwide starting from the most popular windows in IV68, 80 and 92 mm systems through complex FS or HST terrace folding doors throughout window systems which are dedicated directly for particular markets and particular trade partners.

Machine park of the Company is constituted by highly advanced technical machining centers, automatic CNC lines and automated paintshops. The most important decisive element in development of the Company is professional staff supported by experienced group of engineers and technologists.

The Company counts on innovation and new challenges. It is ready for implementation of the needs of customers both the simple and complex wooden windows also using latest composite technologies.

Projekt +2000 Sp. z o.o.

(Project +2000 Sp. z o.o.)

Is the youngest of all companies employing 80 workers and producing pine wood sizing for wood windows. The Company has its own sawmill at the very heart of Bory Tucholskie where source the highest quality material for the manufacture of wooden windows.

Best quality pine wood is sawed in the sawmill, dried in own driers and assembled together on automatic lines into high quality sizing which constitutes the basic material used in the production by M&S Windows and Doors.

Through many years of experience of the Company’s staff and high specialization in technology of assembling of the pine wood for windows Project +2000 is significant element in MS Group which provides the independence and possibility of development.


FSC certificate gives us a right to emphasize that our products are made from wood originates in certified forests.

FSC is international organization that is created and supported by many stakeholders. FSC sets standards for responsible forest governing, operates on the basis of 10 principles of good forest management which applies worldwide.


MS Group

MS Group cooperates with the most important sector research and development centers – Institute of Building Technology, Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, Polish Passive House Institute, Lower Silesia Energy Conservation Agency, Polish Windows and Door Federation, Accredited Measurement and Research Laboratory Metalplast Złotów, University of Science and Technology Trondheim and Institute of Research for Window Joinery in Rosenheim. It has also its own research and development unit which developed among innovative technology of MS Thermal Reinforcement and SUPERthermo glazing pane with the best for this product type thermal transmittance factor Ug=0.5 W/m2K.

Technological competitive advantage has been always priority in the policy of MS Group. Either the quality of offered products and services or spread of the range of products is crucial for achieving our most important objective – utmost customer satisfaction. MS Group is recognized as one of the most innovative manufacturer of PVC window on the market.

Distribution network of MS Group covers over 250 domestic and foreign sales showrooms. The main export direction are Western European countries, USA and Canada. Sales system is based on cooperation with professionals in window sector which ensures high standard and comprehensive customer service.

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